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Taste & Smell

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Each person has his or her own routine waking up in the morning. One may choose to turn on a cartoon, go for a jog or listen to a favorite song. In my case, stimulating my mouth and nose by eating a big bowl of cereal is the best way to wake up.

This is not to say the senses of smell and taste only allow humans to enjoy a good breakfast. With these senses a person is able to attract the opposite sex, create a warm atmosphere with a cinnamon scented candle, sniff out sour milk and enjoy a warm day swirling with fresh air.

Imagine a life void of the comforting smell caused by mom's freshly baked cookies, or the smell of the roses kindly sent by a loved one. The pleasures accompanied with the senses of smell and taste are a necessary part of life and may even be a person's favorite part of the day. Just like a husband and wife work together to create a wonderful meal, the senses taste and smell work together create a part of life far different from seeing or hearing.

Reflecting on how appealing these senses are in every day life also brings up the question of why this appeal affects certain people differently than others. Do people with food addictions have stronger olfactory and gustatory perception? What causes a person to prefer chocolate to vanilla? If these questions require an experiment involving taste testing; I'm sure we'll all be more than willing to help out.

Cassie Wagner

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