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What I'll Remember

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While there are several things I learned in this course from both the texts and the lectures the psychology topic that I think will stick with me is not to believe everything we hear from popular psychology.
Now, whenever I see a commercial about a weight loss "miracle pill" or see a self help book meant to boost self esteem I am not so quick to believe what the product is advertising. There is much more to what these products advertise that can not be quickly fixed by taking a pill or reading a book. For example, losing weight involves exercising and making healthy food choices. So products advertising that a person can keep eating whatever they want and don't need to start exercising more and still lose weight may require some extra research and a careful eye for information they are leaving out.
Another topic that i'm more skeptical about now is that to do with is horoscopes and psychics. Now when I read my horoscope I always make a point to read other horoscopes too and it really is true that they all hold about the same about of truth about my life or personality.
I really hope that I remember all of this in five years because it may save me a chunk of money and wasted time on something that holds little to no truth.

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