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PSY 1001 has been such an interesting class. I have never been bored with one subject that we have learned in lecture and in the book. It's hard to pick just one concept that I think I will remember in five years but, for me, an obvious choice is language and thought. My major is Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences so the topics presented in the book and lecture pertains to everything I'm learning for my major. From discussing what a phoneme is to learning about the stages of speech development, these issues we heard about in psychology are what I love to talk about on a regular basis (clearly, otherwise I wouldn't be in the major I'm in!). This chapter of the book also discusses sign language which is the language I'm currently taking. I love love love sign language; the signs, fingerspelling, and the culture associated with it (Deaf culture) are fascinating to learn about! When I saw a section of this chapter was on the topic of sign language I got really excited and was fully engaged in the reading (which is hard to do sometimes with the long PSY 1001 chapters). I really enjoy learning about language acquisition for hearing and deaf children and this little section of PSY 1001 dealt with all of this. Therefore, in five years, I definitely will remember the concept of language and thought.

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