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Nature vs Nurture

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PSY 1001 course has been an interesting class so far and we studied numerous intriguing theories throughout the semester. We studied research methods, memory, intelligence and so on in pursuit of how our minds work. However, out of all the things we learned what I will remember five years from now might be the Nature and Nurture debate.

The nature-nurture debate casts a question whether our behaviors attributable mostly our genes or to our rearing environments. Up until the 20th century, it was believed that all human behaviors were produced by learning (nurture). However, after conducting twin and adoption studies, researchers found out that the most important psychological traits such as personality, intelligence and mental illnesses are influenced by genes. Modern psychologists have concluded that human behavior is attributable not only to our environments but to our genes (Lilienfeld 34).

The reason why I think I will remember this debate is because it personally means something to me. Since my husband was adopted, after learning about the nature-nurture debate, I naturally became interest in it. I've had a chance to observe this debate in person and have concluded that nurture plays a bigger role when it comes to personality, especially when you make a decision at times. I'm certain that I will keep my interest and carry on my own research in the future. I was glad that I got to learn about this debate through this course.

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