Birth order: does it matter?


I read the sec ion in chapter 14 about birth order. I found this topic to be interesting. I grew up as the youngest child out of two children, however, I now have a kid sister, which places me as a middle child. There is so much different criteria on the characteristics of birth order. In the reading, it seems that birth order is important, however, I don't believe it is. I, myself, contain the characteristics of a first born, whereas that shouldn't be the case. Personally, I am a skeptic on psychology, however I did find that this article sparked my creative thinking. I think that perhaps birth order isn't as important, but rather the year/generation that one was born in.


I believe that birth order changes you a big deal. For me I'm the oldest and always feel like I hold the most responsibility.

I believe that birth order changes a person a lot. However, I think it has to do more with the fact that parents get tired of "parenting" as more children come and they get more relaxed especially with rules and expectations. I am the oldest and I know that almost every rule that was applied for me was broken by all my siblings. Plus communication and responsibility seem to be higher value with the oldest.

I am the second of four children and all of us have distinct personalities characteristic of the order in which we were born. My oldest brother feels as if he must be in charge and shows that power of the younger ones. My sister and I are the two middle ones and are very similar in personality. While my youngest sister is very tough and rowdy probably because she has to deal with older siblings. As a result, I think birth order plays a major role in your development but obviously there are other factors as well.

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