Fear of Being Trapped

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Agoraphobia - "fear of being in a place or situation from which escape is difficult or embarrassing, or in which help is unavailable in the event of a panic attack." That definition came from the text book on page 599. Before reading that I thought that agoraphobia meant fear of crowds or public places. It is said that this phobia typically develops in the midteens and comes from panic disorder. One of my friends back in high school had this disorder and he was afraid of places such as the mall and the movie theater. Agoraphobia can become so intense that one 65 year old lady never left her house for 25 year (Jensvold & Turner, 1988). According to the Mayo Clinic, this disorder can be very hard to treat because it means confronting your fears, but with medications and psychotherapy, it can be treated and help the patient.
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"Psychology From Inquiry to Understanding." By Scott Lilienfeld, Steven Lynn, Laura Namy, and Nancy Woolf.


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