Freud, Dreams, and Keira Knightley

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I recently saw A Dangerous Method, a quasi-historical movie featuring Michael Fassbender (swoon) as Carl Jung and Viggo Mortenson as Sigmund Freud. I'll be honest, the movie was pretty weird overall, but Fassbender and Mortenson were brilliant as Jung and Freud. Their conversations are what make the movie worth watching.

Several of the conversations centered around their dreams and their interpretations of them, so I very was pleased to find Freud's Dream Protection Theory in chapter 5 of the textbook, which offered more insight into the actual theory behind the discussion.

In one of the conversations in the film, Jung describes a dream in which there is a horse being held back by a large log attached to the harness. Freud suggests that the horse represents Jung, and the log represents Jung's penis. Watching the movie with zero background on the subject I was taken aback, but it was less weird when I read the information in the book. Freud's theory states that during sleep the ego is unable to repress sexual instincts, which are transformed into symbols within the dream. The horse and the log, in this case, were the manifest content and Freud's interpretation was the latent content (the true meaning of the dream).

If you are interesting in seeing the movie, read up on Freud and Jung before you go. Knowing the theory behind their thoughts would make their conversations even more interesting. Unfortunately, Keira Knightley is terrible, but that was sort of expected.

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