Psychosexuality-was Freud onto something?

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In the Lilienfield text, it states that "No aspect of Freud's theory is more controversial than his model of psychosexual development. Nor has any aspect of his theory been more widely criticized as pseudoscientific (Cioffi, 1998)." I believe he may have been onto something. Freud believed that individuals developed psychologically through sexual relief at developmental life stages, and that the successful completion of each stage was imperative to crucial to how one would develop psychologically.

The stages are the Oral stage, which tends to end in excessive drinking, eating, and smoking; the Anal stage, which tends to result in excessive neatness, stinginess, and stubbornness; the Phallic stage, which tends to exhibit the Oedipus complex in boys and if not successfully resolved, psychological problems later in life, and the Electra complex in girls, which exhibited penis envy (this stage is the most highly criticized for lack of research and evidence); the Latency stage, when boys and girls are gross; and the Genital stage, where people learn how to make lasting, intimate, romantic relationships work.

The main one I wish to address is the Phallic stage, regarding the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex, because I know I myself have been guilty of penis envy, although not for entirely the same reasons as Freud listed. He said that girls felt inferior for their missing appendage, but honestly? I am just curious, and I know I'm not the only one. I have spoken to people of both genders that are genuinely curious about what it would be like to be the opposite gender for a day. There are so many things that people of both genders can enjoy, except quite simply, what it's like to be the other gender.

Can you honestly tell me that you haven't wondered what it would be like to be the opposite gender for a day?
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