Self Actualization-- the Bridge between Psychology and Buddhism

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Chapter 14 Personality explores the possible cause--gene or environment, structure, measurement of personality by the overview of a lot of controversial theory like stages of psychosexual development, determinism, self-actualization and so on.
I am most interested in Rogers's self-actualization that we could all achieve our full potential for emotional fulfillment if only society allowed it. Because I am a Buddhist and I found that point is related to the Buddhism especially the realization of emotional fulfillment plays an incredible essential role in the fulfillment of our full potential. To me the emotional fulfillment means a peaceful mind, for it needs people to accept all the things in the world, which includes beauty and ugliness, success and failure, thoughtful and superficial and most importantly himself/herself. When we can treat good things and bad things equally, we will no longer bother by all the change and worries, our heart will reach the state of peace. According to scientific research, when we are angry, anxious or nervous, there is no ALPHA wave in our brain; the wave will only appear or increase when we are peaceful or happy. (ALPHA wave is what makes people be concentrated, happy and have a good memory to help them work more efficiently.) I think that might account for how we can fulfill all our potential.

I agree that maybe there are already some bad things inherited in us when we are born but I strongly believe everyone can be like their innate potentially. There are definitely a lot of factors in the society today which will hinder us to back to our innate but we are just like the antelope in the forest, without the attack of wolf, we will also lack will to fight. We should also be positive and grateful.
The part that struck me is I don't understand what Carl Roger meant by his explanation of the decreasing difference over the course of psychotherapy - the lessening of condition of worth. 潜意识音乐疗法-滴落的星子.flv

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Self Actualization-- the Bridge between Psychology and Buddhism - PSY 1001 Spring 2012 Section 014 and 015 Read More

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Fascinating insights. I have been doing a lot of research lately into alpha brain waves and finding a place within yourself that can help you be free of stress and at peace. Japanese green tea works wonders for this! I like Jeremiah 29 for further insights as well. Thanks for the article.
My research and Wikipedia references here.

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