Stress and the Slippery Slope

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Have you ever had a close family member die? A friend commit suicide? Have you ever felt hopeless? As people grow, we are constantly bombarded with challenges and obstacles. With this in mind, it is essential that you have the right tools to combat these challenges ahead of time. Chapter 12 presents us with the idea of stress, the effects of stress and ways to counter stress. This is a topic that I am very familiar with, watch this's a GREAT movie, and describes my point.

When I started high school, I had the mindset that I was invincible. I had a plethora of friends, was the member of several different clubs, was part of the school orchestra, had a steady job, had a loving family and girlfriend. Everything seemed like it was working perfectly, or so it seemed. I don't remember when it exactly started happening, but my friends started to disappear. A lot moved away, a few dropped out, some became so addicted to drugs that they were moving shells. This began to take a hold of mind. At my lowest point, I had a family suicide, another family death, two friend suicides, the loss of my job and a rough breakup...all within about 6 months. I ended up being put into a 2 week watch period at the local hospital psych-ward, where I learned about recovery and coping, and about the importance of talking and finding a balance point.

I'll end with a final thought: how you cope?

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Learning to take care of oneself is a difficult task. Frequently it can leave you feeling selfish or pathetic. It's so much easier (most of the time) to be there for others, to help them with their lives and problems rather than facing your own. Just taking a simple walk, or a social time out, can do wonders for yourself. Last August I was in NY for a funeral and it was exhausting. 7 days of being around family and food and having to have my "social face" on. Most days I would excuse myself at least once to go somewhere quiet and relax. Taking the time to take care of myself, listening to what I needed, very much helped me get through that experience. It was difficult and sometimes I felt badly for taking a time out when everyone else was still around but it was necessary.

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