Animal trick or human prick?


When I typed in the phrase "cool animal tricks," into my search engine, this video popped up. The answer is yes, you just wasted forty seconds of your time watching a dog walk on its hands and pee in a circle...First off, I would like to know what pet owner decides that they want to train their animal to urinate in a circle while walking on its two front feet. Don't get me wrong, the whole walking on hands thing is pretty neat, but I'm concerned as to why the second part of the "cool trick" had to be added on. While watching this video, I was not sure if I should laugh or be disgusted (I was a little bit of both). Why would anyone want to videotape their pet using the bathroom? It's completely different when your child uses the toilet for the first time, but other than this example, it's never acceptable to record anything using the bathroom. Or has my humor not yet evolved to that level? There are more than two thousand views on this video so some people find this cool animal trick funny. What I'd like to know is how one trains their animal to do this; there has to be an odd way of giving the dog treats while he's upside down and "going number one."


I think the reason the video even got so many views is because of the second part of the trick. In our society today we are so connected and exposed to so many things that it is hard to have many experiences that are truly exciting. Having a dog walk on two legs is an outdated circus trick and the second part is so disgusting as you put it we are amused by it because it is something that you truly wouldn't see everyday.

I can't help but be impressed with this trick. Although the dog urinating may be disgusting to some, it is quite amazing that they trained him to do so while standing on his two front legs. You bring up an interesting point about how they must have trained him to do this. The power of conditioning is truly amazing.

It is weird. I actually felt disgusting too. I mean people just get different interests. Who can really tell whether it is wrong or right? But it made me think of BF Skinner. Remember what he said when the report asked him: Was there anything you regret in your life? His answer is training animals.

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