Does a Conscious Self exist?

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We all think that the decisions we make everyday is a result of our conscious self, in other words we are consciously aware of what we do and choose everyday. But this assumption, that we believe in without doubt, has been questioned and tested in the field of psychology. It has been stated that consciousness is not the cause of our behaviors but rather is the product of what we do. We are not consciously aware of evey choice or decision we make, the decision is actally made in our brain and the function of conscious awareness only comes in later to help us explain why we did what we did. This proposal, made by psychologists and tested and supported through the use of MRI scanning of the brain activity, had left me in total surprise at first. I had always thought of consciousness as part of science and hence unquestionable, but now I realize consciouness is actually a pholosophical concept that helps human beings explain their behaviors. Therfore, this whole debate of who or what is really in charge of our day to day decisions and behaviors, our conscious self or our brain, is very intriguing to me.
Much evidence supports the proposal that these decisions are controlled by our brain and consciouness is just something we humans have invented to help exaplin our behaviors. Eventhough I found it very hard to believe in this idea, that we don't consciouly control our decisions, after watching the BBC video "The Secret You", I was able to undertand the scientific logic behind this hypothesis that made it plausible to me. In the video it is stated that the idea: our decisions are already made in our brain even before we consciously become aware of it, does not mean that we are not in control of what we do and our behavior. It was stated in the video that our values, beliefs, personality and experiences in life are accounted for when the decision is made in our brain without conscious awareness of it from us. This revelation has helped me understand and comprehend this new hypothesis that questions the existence of a consious self, however, it is still very mind boggling to me. Reseach is still being done to further study and understand this new hypothesis. However for now, I leave all of you to wonder...WHO is the secret you? Are you able to accept this new hypothesis as a genuine possibility that can be proven true?

Here is the link I referred to: BBC Horizon - "The Secret You", watch from 47:53(end) (minutes)

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