Drug Addiction- Nature or Nurture


After discussing the article that was due for discussion last week I started wondering whether the drug addiction of the Bogle family could possibly be genetic rather than all environmental. Do not get me wrong, I believe that kids being exposed to drugs at an early age does cause a problem and leads to experimentation with drugs but what about those who were exposed to drugs while in the womb? Does this lead to addiction, or maybe the personality to experiment with drugs. So I did some research and found..

Addiction is due to 50% genetics and 50% to poor coping skills. One study that was done was that if a parent had an addiction, the daughter/son would be 8 times more likely to have an addiction also. However this does not exactly show whether nature or nurture is the reason. Then, there was a twin study. The study found that if an identical twin had an addiction, the other twin had a higher probability than those that are fraternal.

To me, I feel like science is developed enough to figure out is addiction is more the effect of nature or nurture and not just saying it is 50/50. What would you say? Do you think nature or nurture has a higher effect on addiction?


I read something like that the womb effects how a baby will turn out. The problem is that this is an example of environment and not genetics. The mother ingests drugs or alchol into her blood stream and it goes to the womb. Aside from that you make some good points.

I believe that both nature and nurture play a role in drug use. It is true that a person is more likely to become addicted to a substance if someone in their family has had a history of abuse. It was brought up in discussion though that even if a person has a family history of substance abuse, if they are in an environment with no drugs, they wont become addicted. I therefore think that nurture has a bigger effect on abuse.

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