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Two weeks ago I started to play the popular mobile game "Draw Something" which is in essence pictionary but instead of having to completely produce the word it is presented kind of like hangman where you are given letters to work with and you have to fill in the blanks. The game itself is pretty awesome because of its ease of use and its ability to play your friends through Facebook. Anyways, I was sent a picture of what was obviously a bird by my cousin however I could not for life of me figure out the exact word. I came back to this picture every day for three days straight waiting for some of my lectures to start and up until the last time I had absolutely not figure out what the word was supposed to be, and then I opened up the picture and instantly i realized that it was supposed to be a seagull. I quickly realized that this was a pretty solid example of mental blocking. My thoughts on this in retrospect are what caused my brain to see this image in a completely different way after so many times and how could something like this be studied?


I think that this mental blocking is really common and it would be a really interesting subject. It also seems to be similar to moments when you know the word you want to say and you know what it means and you have said it however many times before, but for some reason cannot think of the word itself. On a side know, draw something is "drawsome!"

I was attracted to this post because Draw Something is a solid game. You bring up a good point about the mental block, which often occurs when I am trying to think of ideas for a research paper. It is difficult and often takes a fresh pair of eyes before this "aha!" moment can be reached.

Draw Something is awesome! I was completely engaged in this game for weeks straight after when I started playing. I had the exact same experience with you while I was playing the game. After I realized what the unknown picture was, I coulnd't understand why I did not come up with the idea earlier on. My mind was going through a complete mental block. I have experienced quite a few mental blocking in my daily life and I am really curious about what are some of the causes.

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