Memory of a Tragedy

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We all remember the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and after some thought I decided to compare the accounts of my family members to see what elements of their memories they focused on and how that affected them. My father recalls that he was arriving at work just as the news first broke out and he was very particular about how the people around him reacted when they heard the news; he saw two women crying, a man who seemed to be in shock, staring straight at the television uncomprehendingly, complete strangers hugging and praying together. He does not seem to recall his particular emotions or actions and described being much more aware of others. My sister on the other hand has vivid memories of her emotions and her understandable fear and confusion, with almost no memories of how others around her were reacting. After reading a study about how different cultures tend to store memories differently; People from eastern cultures recall their memories in the context of the other people around them, while people of western cultures tend to base their memories on themselves and their personal experiences. I thought it was very interesting that my father was more similar to eastern cultures when recalling memory, while my sister exhibited the more euro-american cultures in her recollection. My Dad has always told me that he was of france/irish descent was there something he left out?

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When I recall my memories of 9/11 the majority of my memories definitely revolve around myself. I remember riding my bike to school with my friends and he mentioned something about a tower exploding. I was extremely confused and did not know what to think of the situation. I remember a teacher, who I did not recognize, came into our room and tried to explain it. The entire day I was confused and frankly angry since I did not understand what was going on. My memory seems to fit that of the western cultures, which makes since. That is interesting how your Dad has more of a eastern culture memory perspective. Maybe it has something to do with him being older so he focused more on others than himself?

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