No Feelings, No Worries.........Right?


If we had a life with no feelings, wouldn't life be so much easier? If we didn't have to worry about school, our relationships or financial issues, along with having no fears, wouldn't that be the happiest life ever? But wait a second. If you didn't have feelings then you couldn't feel happiness, nor could you feel pleasure, desire, hope, or even love. This phenomenon was found to be developed in Elliot, a boy with a tumor in his frontal lobe that inhibits his ability to express any emotional response. He is not able to express his inner desires nor can he make rational decisions in his everyday life. He feels no remorse for the dead while feeling no sense of triumph in moments of victory.

Chapter 11 of the textbook describes the many important uses our emotions have in our daily lives including communication, thinking reasonably, and expressing opinons and beliefs. Without this vital function, it is hard to live in society as a normal functioning person. Yes, it can be noted that all the pain in our lives would be taken away, but pain is how we develop as human beings and strive to improve. Moreover, pain passes and we are able to adapt back to a normal life with newly discovered insights.

Coming from a family where my mom has been diagnosed with cancer, it has been hard dealing with the emotional stress that comes with the disease. However, the heartache has united our family and created an even stronger bond between us that most normal families do not have. That is why it is important for negative emotions to seep into our lives in order to teach us valuable lessons and become stronger individuals.

Do you believe we could actually have a functional world without the presence of worries and disasters? Or, do you think that we shouldn't have any worries?

On the bright side, if you didn't have emotions you would not let something as small as being tapped on the head bother you like this crazy kid.

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I believe that without emotion there is no life. From birth to adulthood, as the infant or as the parents people experience emotions that shape their lives. Through the ups and downs people learn and grow and gain experiences that they will never forget. To take that away would be cruel. Emotions are what make us human: our ability to control them, to express them, to utilize them. Without emotion there is less confusion and disorder in our world, sure, but without it what is life meant to be?

I found this blog entry extremely interesting and well written. I believe that there should be a small degree of worry or fear in life in order to keep people alert and always ready for anything. There should not be so much fear or worry that it paralyzes a person and makes them afraid to try and succeed. Feelings are on of the things makes us separate from other animals. We have the ability to learn from pleasure and pain. Despite the fact that pain isn't a good feeling, it helps us realize how good the pleasurable moments are.

Before this class I didn't realize how important our emotions actually are. I may have said a while ago that no emotions would be the better option, but I don't think that anymore. The fact that we can be upset sometimes makes being happy even better. Your family is a great example of this. I'm glad that you're able to find something good in all that stress. I'm personally glad that we have all of these emotions. Great video and post!

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