What would it be like to fall in love again every day?



Henry: It's gonna be alright, Luce.
Lucy: [to Henry] Don't call me Luce. I barely know you.
Marlin: Sweetie, you're sorta dating him.
[Lucy looks at Henry]
Henry: Sorry I'm not better looking.

Do you think there will be a person that would make you fall in love with them again every single day just as if it were day one? In the movie 50 First dates, yes.

Henry Roth starred by Adam Sandler meets Lucy Whitmore starred by Drew Barrymore in a café and is instantly drawn to her. Everything went well and they agree to meet again the next day, but Henry is shocked to find that Lucy does not remember a trace of him. He later learns that Lucy is suffering from a 'Goldfish syndrome' and that all the events that happened during the day disappear overnight. However, Henry does not give up on her easily. He does everything he can do, whatever it takes to keep their relationship going.

The 'Goldfish syndrome' is a fictional version of anterograde amnesia. This is the loss of the capacity to form new memories from the day that caused the amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is caused by the damage to hippocampus located in our temporal lobe. Damage to hippocampus causes problems with forming new memories, while leaving old memories intact.

It is such a tragedy having to suffer from any sort of amnesia whether it is the anterograde amnesia or the retrograde amnesia which we lose some memories of our past. Memories of our past can sometimes haunt us and sometimes people just don't want to remember certain events, but it is surely more terrifying not being able to remember against ones will. I guess it is painful for the person themselves, but it is definitely as painful for the people around them for the fact that they cannot be remembered. This is why Henry in 50 First dates personally seems like the most romantic guy that can exist.


I love this movie and always wondered if the "goldfish syndrome" described in it had any real truth behind. I never thought it did, but it is so interesting to find out that it is a real type of amnesia that people can suffer from. I defiantely agree with you on Henry though, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have to date someone who won't remember you the next day. I wonder if there is any way to help improve this amnesia. Would something like making a video of the past days and dates to introduce the person to their current life everyday like Henry did in the movie actually work?

It is such a tough situation for the person who is not suffering from amnesia to have to deal with their lover not remembering who they are. Yes it might be refreshing at first, like what Adam Sandler does, but he never gets anywhere and that is frustrating. At least with the victim, they have no recollection of this memory loss and feel that is just a normal day. How sad

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I guess you greatly applied many of concepts that we have covered in a movie biologically and psychologically. I have not seen the movie that you mentioned above since I do not prefer to watch the romance. From your summary of the plot in the movie, she definitely seems having anterograde amnesia. This is tragedy unless she does not even aware of her injury and trouble with memory.
It is very amazing truth that Henry never give up of loving her, but not only his effort to keep the relationship between him and her, Lucy’s long term memory that recalls information without deliberate attention that known as implicit memory enables her to fall in love everyday with Henry. This would not be a logical sense of saying, but I don’t think memory is not everything in our lives. Although her memory hampers her to persist ordinary life, her mind and emotions may imprint him so that whenever Henry came to her as a new person, she could feel positively as she can.

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