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Out of the many interesting topics which have been discussed throughout the course of the semester, in five years I am most likely to remember the section on improving memory (it obviously taught me well). One thing that was very interesting in chapter 7 was the different strategies to help our short term memory, such as chunking. When you chunk or organize material together into meaningful groups, the likelihood of the information being stored in our short and long term memory increases. Another very interesting technique to help us remember words, especially words in a new language, or word phrases is to visualize the word or word phrase as a picture. If the word phrase is, dog-shoe, we may draw a mental picture of a dog wearing a shoe to help us better remember the words in our memory. Another thing I will be likely to remember in the future is how our memory of past events is never perfect. This will help me to think scientifically and be skeptical when people say that they remembered exactly what happened. I now have better techniques to help improve my memory so that I can remember this information in five year.

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