A Lasting Memory


The ability to think scientifically and critically is the most relevant and lasting concept to me. The reason is because scientific thinking can be applied to everyday life and continue to be used throughout my lifetime. Sure it is nice to know who B.F. Skinner was but it is not something I can see myself using often. The many principles of scientific thinking are things you can arm yourself with for your entire life and use to your advantage. I was not a very skeptical person before I took psychology and I tended to believe most things I heard. However, I now know different strategies to see what information is reliable and valid. I remember in middle school people would always take advantage of my gullibility which usually led to me embarrassing myself in one way or another. I was also the kid who would watch an infomercial on some dumb toy and be the first person to buy it, later finding out that it is not nearly as cool in person as it is on TV.

With my knowledge of the 6 principles of scientific thinking I can now avoid past troubles and be a much more informed person. Scientific skepticism is especially important in college since I will conduct a lot of research and it is important to ensure I am using valid information. Hopefully now I will know not to believe everything I hear on TV and I can use my skills to better my knowledge of my surroundings throughout life.


Learning about scientific thinking is definitely a take-home lesson in psychology class this semester. I definitely agree with saying that scientific thinking will help with oureveryday lives more than anything else we have learned. I also was a very gullible person and now I can apply the 6 principles of scientific thinking and become a more informed person myself as well.

Oh, yeah! I think I became less gullible too. Like I used to believe an app that is said that it could change our brain wave by listening to some special sounds or musics and then made us stay focus. Now I would seek more evidences to prove whether it is true rather than just believe it based on my common knowledge.

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