Affects of Divorced and Non-Traditional Family Life on Children

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Having personally come from a divorced family, I have always been interested in the effects on the children coming out of the divorce. Could my brother and I been negatively affected by it, or was it a relief from the fighting between our parents? In our case, I would say it had no effect on us because we were so young when our parents got divorced that the situation was all we ever knew. Of course, this does not apply to all children, and science still has yet to find a solid answer on whether or not the effects are generally negative.

Studies on non-traditional families are also interesting. Thinking about this, I remembered a video I had seen regarding the topic:

Although it's a bit anecdotal, the speech is incredibly interesting and eye-opening. This young man gives an inside look at his life as a child with same-sex parents, which is a look many of us have never seen. Whatever your opinion on the issue, the man in the video is apparently unaffected by the same-sex relationship his parents have. In fact, he has succeeded in many aspects of his life.

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