Parenting styles seems to be a controversial, yet important topic. With different situations, cultures, and metanarratives people seem to have very different styles on how to approach raising their children. Some have similar positive outcomes, and others may physcologically scar their child for the remainder of their lives.
The three main styles are categorized by Diana Baumrind as permissive - parents with little discipline and an overdose of freedom, authoritarian - extrememly strict parents, authoritative - a mixture of both, and uninvolved - parents who neglect their children. Personally, I was raised in a home that held more than the basic amount of affection, support, and safety which I would consider authoritative. However, I think we've all seen the different types of parenting styles at some point in our lives. If not to an extreme, I've seen parents who are sticter than mine or more permissive - sometimes there is not clear lines to what the style may be and it can lean more towards one or the other without being completely categorized. This almost makes the issue more controversial because two parents could have the same style, but on a certain issue disagree.
The situation the family is in is also a huge variable on how the parents choose to handle their kids - this could depend on the parent's personality, culture, martial status, and even how they themselves were raised. However, basic affection and an expectable environment is most likely to have a good outcome on the child.



I found this topic to be really interesting. I want to be a high school teacher, and it's amazing how influential parenting styles can be on children's behavior. I volunteer in various local schools, and you can sometimes tell how a child was raised/disciplined in the first five minutes of the class! Some try to immediately "push your buttons" if you're in charge; others politely wait and use manners when they ask questions.

Just imagine how the influences of parents extend to other areas of life, such as romantic relationships and one's own parenting style later in life! There might really be something to the saying "you are your mother's/father's daughter/son!" after all!

Its really intriguing to look at how these different parenting styles come into play in real life. I have friends that I could place into each one of the categories: permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and uninvolved unfortunately. From what I have seen, the friends with permissive parents usually tend to break or bend the rules and are more independent. The ones with authoritarian parents are "mommas boys" and let their parents influence them greatly in their decisions. The authoritative parents have kids who have a balanced life generally, and one friend of mine who has uninvolved parents ended up dropping out of college last semester. Real life examples like this prove that different parenting styles definitely produce different types of children.

This was a really interesting blog post. I found that my parents also have an Authoritative parenting style. They are both loving and have clear guidelines on expectations. I find that people who have strict parents end up just defying what limits are put on them, like drinking, smoking or other activity that would act out against their parents strict expectations. A same reaction is similar to people with uninvolved parents because children want to be noticed by there parents by acting out. These parenting methods can cause various problems for their children.

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