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If you were to ask me what I am to recall in five years about Psychology that would definitely be what I learned about stress. Stress can be both positive and negative towards you and your body. Positive stress can be a motivator and negative stress can be destructive to our health. What I learned about stress is how to deal and manage it. It's tress management that is crucial. Stress management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and events make excessive demands. The worst effect that it can have on the body system is the brain. Psychological stress can really hinder your brains ability to perform well. Researchers have claimed that prolonged exposure to chronic stress can shrink the brain and even cause dementia. Stress is a huge part of our daily lives and fairly common in U.S. culture, especially the lives of college students. I, for one, have experienced two years of the high demands of a college student. I am glad to have learned about stress and its effects on the body. Honestly, I am most happy to have learned about how to deal with stress, because it's nothing but bad news when you don't know how to manage your stress. Here are some interesting articles on stress and how to deal with it!

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