Birth Order-Who Gets the Short End of the Stick?


Birth order is both a topic of controversy and of great interest to many researchers. It is very true that the claims of first-borns tending to achieve, middle-borns to be diplomatic, and later-borns to be risk averse are overly exaggerated. However, there have been great deals of studies and findings that have supported the claims previously listed. There has been a great deal of studies that have pertained to replicability and correlation vs. causation. There have obviously been replications of siblings whose personalities match their birth order, but many believe the statistics and samples given are too small to represent the whole population. Obviously correlation vs. causation has been tested because of the different ways in which children may be raised and how that impacts their individual personalities and achievements. I personally come from a family of five kids. I have three sisters and one brother who are all younger than me with my brother being at the tail end and my sisters in-between. Now, I am the first to go to college seeing as I am a freshman. In turn, I do have a strong desire for achievement. My three sisters after me are quite bright and all excel in school while only my middle sister is quite as out-going as I have tried to be. They all seem to be a little more involved and up to date on what is happening in the world than myself-somewhat diplomatic. My brother at the tender age of nine is a reckless tycoon. He is also very bright, but has been taking risks since birth whether it be playing sports, unlocking and jumping out of windows, or joy-riding on lawn mowers. I am inclined to make these connections with what the text states to be true of children in that birth order. A little eerie almost. The link at the bottom gives a quick glance over what professionals and statistics have to say on the matter. I also believe that the idea is so popular due to the fact that people expect change over time and want explanations for differences among siblings. Do people just want a generic explanation for differences among their siblings or do they want a specific reason? That is the question that many people ask and that is why we have begun to seek put explanations just for an explanations sake, in my opinion. This youtube video demonstrates how the public views birth-order and personality as Dr. Georgia Witkin discusses on What do you think about the statistics and the reasoning behind the grandparents for who they think will acquire certain traits. (if the video link doesn't show up just plug in the link for the youtube video, it's pretty interesting!)


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It's interesting topic! Of course birth order and the achieveness is not related completely, but I think it can be possible in the real. Because the younger the mom is, the healthiere the mom and baby are. I think this theory affected the relation and the birth order and the achieveness.

I think that these birth order characteristics can partially be explained because of the environment that they were put in. For example, The first child might be an achiever because of all the time the parents have dedicated solely to that child. The second-born child could be diplomatic because it has to compete with the first born child in getting what they want. And the third-born child can be kind of reckless because they know that they are the smallest in the family, and sees how the parents have to give a lot of attention to the other two children. therefore the third-born child can be reckless because they are trying to get attention from everyone one in the family and paid attention too

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