Brain Complexities

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A concept that I learned this semester in psychology that is very memorable to me is the topic of biological psychology. I spent a lot of time in this section to learn the material, so that does play some part in why it stands out to me; but primarily because I found it interesting and fascinating. I was especially curious to learn about all the different parts of the human brain and their unique and specialized purposes. I was struck with shock and disbelief after reading about Phineas Gage, the man who had a tamping iron pierce through his prefrontal cortex in a railroad accident. It was crazy to learn about the damage of the accident but then also learn about the effects after he survived that he lost his personality. I think that even years from now, the human brain will still always fascinate me with its complexities.

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I also found this chapter very fascinating!! Although I was always interested in learning about psychology, I did not know that psychology and science was this much related. I was really amazed at the complexity and how each part of the brain was connected to different functioning of our physical and mental processes. The story about Phineas Gage also shocked me to a great extent and felt extremely sorry for him. I think becoming mentally ill or damaged is a very unfortunate and distressing event for a person to go through.

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