Can a stroke cause a change in sexual orientation?


In chapter 11 in Lilienfield there is a section about studies that document whether or not sexual orientation can be changed by reorientation therapy. In the book it states that reorientation took many sessions of work and a variety of treatments from electroshock to drug induced nausea. Just recently though a man in Britain is claiming that after suffering a stroke he has been turned gay. If you read the article you will see there are differing opinions on whether or not this is true or possible but I think that it is interesting that it could be possible. One thing I don't understand is that if it is possible could a concussion or anything else that affects the brain have a similar effect? I am very interested in hearing opinions and theories from everyone. What do you guys think?


Woah, that is pretty interesting.
I would think that the the guy had switched from a "19-stone, beer-swilling, party-loving rugby fan" to a gay person due to the stroke affecting his pre-frontal cortex. A damage to pre-frontal cortex has a huge impact on personalities as seen by many past cases.
Well, I would say that his personality changed more so than that he suddenly turned gay. He sees the changes in his personality as more fitting in homosexuality. Maybe the personality change affected him in a way that he is attracted to males now?
It is a very interesting case, it would be cool if there is a way to compare his brain 'before' and 'after' the stroke to see a difference to isolate the location of change for further studies.

For critical thinking, as some opinions expressed in the article, this may have been an innate feature that wasn't expressed before. A possibility is that he could have ignored these signs before he accident but something triggered an openness of it--this may have all occurred subconsciously. I think they should ask people who were close to him before the accident what kinds of changes they have noticed other than his sexual orientation. This is mostly self-reported. A comparison of his brain would be really interesting, also, as already mentioned

It's so interesting topic. Actually, even though there are many people who are heterosexual and homosexual, I stil cannot understand the field. Much more, I really surprised when I saw the topic of this entry. Is changing in the sexual orientation possible? Actually, I don't have enough information about those field, I cannot explain about that, but I think the relationship of brain and the tendency is so interesting.

This is quite an interesting article. Though it is somewhat convincing that the stroke turned Chris Birch gay, I still believe that people are born gay and that he just was not aware of his preferred sexuality until after his stroke occurred. First off, the article states that there are few known cases similar to Birch's case, so in other words,there is not much replicability. Also, I do not think that one should conclude that just because Birch used to be interested in sports and motorbikes, he must have been straight. I think that before the incident he was not aware that he is gay, though afterwards, he somehow "found himself".

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