children's imitation like a sponge

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I've been considering children as sponge because they are easy to accept or learn anything like sponge. When I saw the two videos that were about "power ranger" and "Barney" at the discussion class, I've got a conviction about the thought. Although the discussion class focused the children's violent behavior when they saw violent video, I'd like to focus on the comprehensive mimicking behavior of children. The children were mimicking what they saw on the video. Isn't it surprising phenomenon? At this point, I felt the importance of the environment in raising a child. In my case, I can remember my behavior in my past like this topic.
I mimicked many things and my parents often laughed and were interested in my behavior because I show something without direct learning experiences. For example, I showed the posture of playing golf and played the piano. I think I could show them by mimicking my parents.
I also saw an interesting thing in a elementary school. One of my classmates was making an imitational tobacco by using a paper. She rolled up a piece of paper and drew something on that. It was like a real tobacco! I followed the friend and I also made some fake tobacco. Now I just laugh whenever I recall the memory. I think the friend saw the shape of tobacco specifically in her home because her father smoked at that time.
In conclusion, If you have a child, you need to show educatory and informing things to your child because your child will absorb everything like a sponge.

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I agree that it is very important to be a good role model for your kids, especially at the younger ages, because you are the one that they are ultimately going to imitate. I have seen examples much like your elementary school and power rangers examples. An unfortunate example that I saw growing up was that one of my friends had a mother who was okay with smoking pot, and she would frequently smell like it and smoke in their garage. When my friend grew up, he ended up getting into drugs, most likely because he was predisposed to this behavior. Another funny thing to look for is how kids have the same mannerisms as their parents, from things like facial expressions to the way they speak and interact with other people. Kids really are like sponges, absorbing many of the actions and behaviors they observe from their parents.

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