Classical and Operant Conditioning On My Mind

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gdLogo2.gifUpon Completion of this course the concept I will most likely be able to remember five years down the road will be classical conditioning and operant conditioning. These two concepts separate themselves from the rest of the text due to their numerous experiments, numerous applications, and numerous discoveries. As we all know Pavlov's classical conditioning involved the use of a dog as well as the stimuli and responses: Conditioned/unconditioned stimulus and the conditioned/unconditioned response. Knowing how to condition people and how we have all been conditioned will be of great use to me in business, potentially in marketing. Being able to remember this down the road is also very helpful in many fields of psychology as well as other areas of life. The fundamentals in human beings seemingly lie beneath this focus of psychology. A lot can be analyzed through this concept in years to come. Now, with Skinner's operant conditioning there is also a great deal to be remembered, but seeing as it is intricate in psychology and of great debate I guarantee that it will not leave my memory. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior. Reinforcement and punishment, whether positive or negative are concepts that may be applied to many aspects of life. Especially when raising my children or when intending to decrease or increase good or worthwhile behaviors. At work and in business understanding these ideas is essential when analyzing those working harder for pay raises or job advancement. One can truly distinguish these characteristics of condition from one another for one's benefit. This was a great class!

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