Conditioning in Daily Life

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Throughout the semester, there have been a lot of interesting topics and concepts that we have learned about, but one that really stuck with me was the concept of conditioning (classical and operant). Five years from now, I think conditioning is something that I will remember from psychology class because it intrigued me the most and made some real life situations make more sense. An example of this can be found in marketing and advertisement, where advertisers use classical conditioning to get customers to associate their products with enjoyable stimulus. A specific example that the book provided was with Skyy vodka, where they have a poster for their product with a swimsuit model on it as well, hoping that customers will eventually associate the vodka with the feelings they get while looking at the model.


I believe that classical and operant conditioning are concepts that will stick with me in the future because they relate so easily to every day life. I hope that I can apply them in my life or my career in a way that will be beneficial to me, such as conditioning my boss to let me off work early when I wear a certain outfit! (just kidding)

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