Conformity isn't for everyone

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While reading about social conformity in chapter 13, I thought to myself, "I would never do these things." For example, the testing on humans with deadly voltage just to see if normal people would respond to authority figures in positive or negative ways was shocking. All of this dangerous testing just to prove a point! If regular human beings can cause torture to their own kind, knowingly, just because someone tells them to, well that is something that is one form of psychology that is going to stick with me forever. I was disgusted and appalled by this behavior; it's this sort of behavior I want to keep in the back of my mind when so to say, "treating people the way I want to be treated." Show kindness and you will receive it in return, but even if it is just a one way street, I hope to be the giver. I want to not conform to what everyone else is doing, especially if it's torturing human beings to the point of death.

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