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In chapter 13 the section of social influence: conformity and obedience, shows us a tremendous study 'Asch Studies' which has done great discoveries on social conformity with concrete findings. The study put to the test whether people would agree to an answer they knew was wrong. Even if everyone said the answer was right. The results that show peoples strong desire to "fit in with the group." In the study the participants chose against their own correct knowledge to follow suit with the normality of the group. This idea sparked another one in me which was the thought on how corporate business uses this psychological mystery into marketing their products. The big businesses that have no direct form of importing craft, Audience to the masses. Not to what not the rich or the most desired customer, but the most people you can get. And by doing this they play of a generational norm and beg people to tell them they are wrong. Cause nobody can say no to an idea that "everyone" has to have. We are all just cool cats and out with cool cats trying to hang out with cooler cats; even if we don't think they're all that cool in the first place.3CoolCats.jpg

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It’s always true that merchants use psychological mystery into selling products. Social influences really make a big difference in our daily life. I remember that professor let us see a video in lecture, the classic study of conformity named “Asch Studies”, when I watch this video, I feel surprised, because it seems unbelievable, the social influences on conformity is powerful. Knowing that someone else in the group differed from the majority—even if that person held a different view from the participant—made the participant less likely to conform. And another video chip is that people in the elevator, people tend to behavior the same, the gesture are the same. But is it always true? If a person is really dominate in social status, will the phenomena change, majority obey few?

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