Do you think you conform to the strict gender differences in mating?


What men like in a woman and what women like in a man is something that is all too familiar to all of us. We all know that men want an attractive and young woman, and women want a mature man with good financial resources. This is a gender differnce in mate preferences that finds its roots through evolution. Men are attracted to young and attractive women because they can bear healthy children, women look for mature men with good financial resources so that they can produce children with good genes and plus he can take good care of her and their children. Although this fact seems too cut and dry and makes us humans seem like animals, it is an inevitable truth. I found an important point that was made in the lectures very interesting and explanatory; women invest more in the rearing of a child than do men and therefore that is why they are more picky in their mate preferences, whereas men mostly only look for attractiveness in a woman. A Woman takes in to account the factors for giving birth to a healthy child that will be taken care of. It is interesting to me to see that even with all the advances we humans have made today, deep down we still have the basic animal like instincts within us that has a strong control over us, and the need for reproduction is one among them. However, I can't say that this is all men and women look for in each other, things like intelligence, kindness and trust etc, all still matter very much in a relationship or in other words as factors in mate preferences between the two genders and there is a lot of overlap with these latter factors. So, here is something to wonder about...if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a special someone in the near future, would you say that these facts apply to you too?!
The picture in this link (above) shows an old and therefore mature man with high level of financial resources (Donald trump) married to an attractive and young woman. This picture, I can say, shows the classic, cut and dry, gender difference in mating preferences!


I think the times have changed. To me, beauty is what attracts most people to each other. There are exceptions, but I think most women, along with men are attracted to attractive people. Providing for a family has become a 2-way street with both the male and female supporting the family finically. So now the relationship is the focus, and the factors in that such as, things in common, sense of humor, how well you get along with the other person. It's not so cut and dry between men looking for beauty and women being "gold-diggers"

As you researched on, it is pretty evident that men and women have their different preferences. As Sigmund Freud mentioned his psychoanalytical approach, 'id' as human's instinctive impulse bunker. How we choose and what attractiveness we are focused on are all interaction of one's personality whether it is shaped through genetic influences or nurtured.
It's mostly lies that I do not see a good appearance of woman although it is not one top consideration. However, I still think gender differences in mating can be vary in all options. Just like Big Five, we all have those 5 or 6 different categories. All people usually lie on normal curves which indicates we are just different in the level of category.
Therefore, I am not suspicious of what you said, but we should all agree and care of how diverse human can make chances of considering different gender mating.

The point about how women invest more in the rearing of a child than men and therefore they get to be the most picky when choosing a mate is something that I found very intersting in discussion. This means that women are the ones who really do the choosing. GO GIRLS! Destiny's Child influence aside, I think that it is interesting that females wear uncomfortable shoes and clothes to attract males, when it is really the males who should be bending over backwards for the females who are making their selections.

Yes, I would most definitely agree with with post. Women look for a more mature and financially stable man that would be able to provide for her and her child. While men's interests mainly lie in the attractiveness and youthful area of mate selection. To address the comment above ^^^^^ I don't think guys should not have to bend over backwards for the women. It goes both ways there sweetheart. As a man, I can definitely say that I do take care of myself to keep high on the attractiveness level; (I shower, workout, wear nice clothes, etc.) But! It should go the opposite way as well. For example, I also look for women that take care of themselves, either as much as I do or more. Main point is men and women should equally break a sweat in trying to attract the opposite sex.

I would have to say that times have changed a little also. This type of mate selection is no doubt still prominent in the world, but that being said, women have been catching up to men in the workplace and therefore the extent to which this happens is most likely decreasing. However, I don't see this trend ever becoming extinct because it is in fact in our biology.

In my opinion, of course, the factors can be the section in considering choice of a spouse. However, I think they are only the portion of all many factors. Although the factors are important to men and women, people generally get married by loving each other. Love doesn't contain all the factors such as good genes or financial resources. That is, the factors are not adapted to our real life always.

I agree with the post in that females are still looking for males with good financial resources so that they can provide well for the family and males still look for the most attractive females so that good genes are passed along. I also think that females are still pickier about choosing a mate, which is not much of a surprise, because they are the ones that actually birth the children. Though there seem to still be many similarities, times have changed a little. Nowadays, some males seem to be looking for females with good financial resources as well as females seem to care almost as much as males do about appearance.

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