Does love really exit?


broken-heart-saidaonline.pngA part of psychology that I will remember in five years is the theory of attraction. Often time my sisters and friends get upset because I do not share their romantic views. I mentioned how the love story in Titanic and A Walk to Remember were both lies. On several occasions I have said there is no such thing as true love. Often times my sister would say," How did she get a boyfriend?" I said that if you are around a person long enough you will start to have feelings for them. Sure there are people someone is more suited for but there is not just one person for everyone. Psychology demonstrates both of these thoughts to be true. One predicator of attraction is simply how close two people live, work or study. We are attracted to people we see on a regular basis ( textbook). In media there is always a story about how opposites attract. This gives a person hope yet it is just a way to sell a film and it is unrealistic. Another point about attraction is people are somewhat superficial and judge a potential romantic partner by looks. In movies or tv shows we would like to believe that the "ugly" "unpopular" one will end up with the "popular" kid. In reality psychology proves we are way more likely to end up with someone at our attractiveness level.


I really liked this article because often times we hear about soul mates or predestined love, but according to psychology these don't exist. Two factors of attraction, proximity and reciprocity, are mere chance and love can further just through similarities. This may take some the "magic" away from love but it makes sense, how coincidental would it be everyone happened to meet/live by/work with their "soul mate"?

I found learning that opposites attract (as you mentioned) is completely false very interesting. The truth is that people who are more alike and equal in attributes have a much higher chance of staying together longer. I think that opposites attract is a common misbelief, because many people would like to think about finding someone who "balances" them out. People think that for relationships to work each person must bring different things to the relationship, and while this can be true people with similar personalities, intelligence levels, and life styles simply have a better chance of making it.

I think it's sad to look at romantic movies and think that they're "lies". I definitely believe that most relationships begin and last on the basis of similarity, proximity, and reciprocity but I don't think that means people can't fall in love without experiencing all of these factors for a long period of time. The idea of love and soulmates for me is not something that can be proven true or false - it's something that's different for everyone and depends on your own feelings and experiences.

Let me just start off by saying I am a sucker for love. However, I do agree with your statement for the most part. People are not necessarily drawn just to one person, and could fall in love with almost anyone. It truly is based on the concepts we learned about in the book, like proximity, and similarity. With that being said, I have counter acting views as well. I think there could be one person that is extra special. And when I figure out who I am going to marry, I will tell her we are meant to be because I am a sucker for love. Good post!

Actually, I was amazed at that fact. I admit that sometimes, the familiar feeling do lead to love but that needs some limit. Cause the romantic relationship between people mostly depends on the hormones, once the production of some specific hormones reduced, people are very likely to break up. So I think feeling familiar with each other can make two people fall in love as well as make them break up.

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