Does love really exit?


A part of psychology that I will remember in five years is the theory of attraction. Often time my sisters and friends get upset because I do not share their romantic views. I mentioned how the love story in Titanic and A Walk to Remember were both lies. On several occasions I have said there is no such thing as true love. Often times my sister would say," How did she get a boyfriend?" I said that if you are around a person long enough you will start to have feelings for them. Sure there are people someone is more suited for but there is not just one person for everyone. Psychology demonstrates both of these thoughts to be true. One predicator of attraction is simply how close two people live, work or study. We are attracted to people we see on a regular basis ( textbook). In media there is always a story about how opposites attract. This gives a person hope yet it is just a way to sell a film and it is unrealistic. Another point about attraction is people are somewhat superficial and judge a potential romantic partner by looks. In movies or tv shows we would like to believe that the "ugly" "unpopular" one will end up with the "popular" kid. In reality psychology proves we are way more likely to end up with someone at our attractiveness level.


I have also found this topic to be interesting from psychology and something that I will remember. Although I enjoy watching romantic comedies and hearing/reading about cute stories of love, I also remind myself of the realism that does not exist in the media and hollywood films. Movies are made to be box office ready and with the hopes of having high ticket prices from the sappy viewers. We all have a desire to be loved and and to love, but there is a lot of truth in the three factors of relationships: reciprocity, similarity, and proximity. If we are around someone enough, we will start to develop feelings for the person and if we have similar interests and ideas (not on everything, but on some things and important issues to us) and feelings are mutual - relationships can form.

It's not a bad thing to enjoy romantic movies, but it's also very important to be realistic, so that you are not disappointed or that you have too high of set expectations that you are let down and ultimately living in a false reality.

I do agree that as more time you spend with a person the more attractive that person becomes. I experienced it on myself. I felt in love with a girl that most of the class considered her ugly, and I considered her ugly too at the beginning. We were sitting together in the class and she had a good sense of humor. That might have done all the magic.

But I do not agree with the fact that you might have too high of set expectations. I've seen couples that, really, I have no idea how they ended up together. They were so different both physically and mentally.

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