eat, hungry and eating disorders

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Everyday we relay on eating to satisfy our stomach and get rid of feeling hungry. But do you know about the eating process and what is the eating disorders?
It's seems very simple that of food is available, we eat when we're hungry, and when we feel full, we stop eating. My feeling told me that eating has a lot to do with the endocrine system, but just out of intuition. According to the glucostatic theory,(Campfield et al., 1996; van Litalie,1990), which means that when our blood glucose levels drop, hunger creates a drive to eat to restore the proper level of glucose. When I was in high school, I learnt form my biology teacher in the superficial level.

A useful, healthy and reasonable weight loss plan never fail to fascinate people. The textbook says that:" we help you lose weight by changing your everyday habits. Learn how to eat smaller portions, choose more nutritious foods, and make exercise a part of your daily routine. There are science behind this ads, control portions of food consumed is a good way to control our weight, keep in mind that eat food on a smaller plate, because doing so will make portions appear bigger and limit the amount we eat.

About the eating disorders, I really interested in this, because I have a friend who have suffered mild bulimia nervosa, one kind of eating disorders. She's not fat, actually can be count by slim, under high pressure, she always eating large amounts of highly caloric foods in brief periods of time. However, I have a question that people eat a lot, not because of hungry, but because of the huge depression, can I take it as relieve the pressure?

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I just wanted to add some of comments how eating disorders derives as social interaction perspective.
It is definitely better to manage our diet although people differ in their amount of eat relatively. The signal that we feel hunger biologically derives, but many of eating disorders does not simply triggered through biological signs. Bulimia nervosa, these days social expectations largely impact on it. The idealistic images of women that most of global come up with would prefer well shaped than fat. Especially, my home country, Korea, have real extreme expectations of skinnier body shapes among women.

To answer your question, I guess it works, but as all of us know, it may not be the best choice that you want to decide. I think hunger may represent our instinctive desire and somewhat unfulfilled. Therefore, stressing out or release something that uncomfortable which can be our personal in-fulfillment or failure can be replaced through action of eating so that we feel satiety. Through satiety, I believe this immensely affects those people to substitute negative status of feelings to positive like satisfaction and achievement. It's more like displacement that Freud analyzed as one of the defensive mechanism: express the impulse to the easy which is more acceptable object.

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