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The concept I will remember most in five years came from the developmental psychology unit in our text concerning attachment styles and parenting (p. 386-9). I had a great set of parents who ended up being a solid base of support for me as a child. In response, I behaved towards them in the classified secure attachment manner. I'm even still a little upset to leave home for school and am always excited to see my parents again!

The idea that all our future relationships revolve around how our parents responded to us as babies is unnerving; it's possible that I might be having children in five years, so it's a relevant topic! I hope that I will have an authoritative parenting style with my kids then; this would include setting firm limits but also providing security and comfort for my child(ren). I think that it would be good to remember that parenting has a threshold value associated with it, however: most children turn out just fine when raised in an average expectable environment. With this new knowledge tucked away in my mind, I think that in five years I will remember what I learned from this interesting unit on parenting.


I am interested in the topic how to best foster kids too. And one thing I am thinking about these days is an old news that reported the tiger mother. You probably have heard it before. I am confused about what made that mother discipline her kids that harshly.

I hope I am not a parent within five years, but I still feel that it is an important concept to remember. My parents were great to me. Weren't too strict and weren't too lenient. In my mind they were just about the perfect parents, and I hope to be just like them. I like how you included attachment styles and parenting style in your post. Good job!

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