Five Years From Now...


Five years from now I'll probably be done with school and in the beginning years of starting a lifelong career. With this I'm sure I'll be thrown into new experiences with new people; this is when I'm sure some of the things I learned in Psych 1001 will come to mind.

All the things I learned about personality from the "Big Five" to how people's childhoods can affect their personalities later in life made me think about the people around me. I feel like even in 5 years I'll still have thoughts in the back of my mind about why people do things or what people's actions say about their personalities.

I also think that everyone has those moments when they're not sure why they did something and all that I learned about Sigmund Freud's id, ego, and superego explained that to me. When I do something even I can't explain I'm sure I'll remember those concepts and how the id is mostly an unconscious thought process. This also ties into meeting new people during post-college experiences ;I fell that after taking Psych 1001 I'm more apt to give people the benefit of the doubt after they've done something stranger now that I've learned about the quirks of the human mind.


Sigmund Freud's idea of our id, ego, and superego are very interesting and strange in many ways. For this reason, I also believe that I will remember this theory in my future when making decisions. So many decisions in life are influenced by the devil, id, and angel, superego, on our shoulders.

I appreciated your post and couldn't agree more in retaining Sigmund Freud's idea of our id, ego and superego. Learning this in lecture and reading in our textbook allowed for me to have a greater perspective and understanding of the human mind and that each individual thinks and acts differently. Although we are raised in a society that embraces individualism, we have our tendencies to conform to friend, religious, racial, etc. groups, and others who are not a part of our "group" may not always be the most understanding or quick to judge what we may do. Aside from larger groups, there are also personal ticks or in ways that people may act individually and I know that I tend to recall Freud's idea of our id, ego and superego and to be more aware and quick to put aside judgements that I may start to form in my head about someone.

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