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Five years from now, I strongly believe that the topic on learning that we covered this semester in psychology will have a lasting impact. Whether it be training my future dog or watching children grow up to adulthood, learning will always surround me. I understand that ringing a bell to let my dogs know that it is time to go outside is actually a result of Pavlovian classical conditioning. Even in advertisements I am more aware of the underlying methods of learning that are used. On the other hand, when I am trying to retain information I have adopted new techniques. Sometimes I find myself trying to make a visual image out of information that I need to memorize due to the fact that we learned that it 'sticks' better this way. Since being in psychology, I have become not only a smarter learner, but also more aware of learning that goes on around me. This is definitely useful knowledge for the future and will stay with me for years to come.


I strongly agree with what you said about how this Psychology course is very useful in many ways.I feel the same way as you do. As we learn more and more useful information about human development, stress, brain, learning, and etc. I get general thoughts on how to raise and deal with my children, how to train my dogs, and how to cope with stress. Even though they are quite general now, I know that these thoughts and information are definitely going to help me through out my life time. I am so glad that I am learning valuable stuffs from this course that would last for years!

I also will remember Pavlov and his classical conditioning. I now see classical conditioning every where and acknowledge why people do that. I see it in training my puppy, seeing my niece and nephew get potty trained and be rewarded for making their beds and washing their dishes. I also love that we learned about which rewards are most beneficial and what they do. I have learned to reward my brother by giving him rides or buy him a treat every once in awhile so he will continue to read my papers and bring me to the grocery store!

I am simply looking forward to taking the lessons from this class to the workplace in analyzing why certain coworkers act in certain ways, and what do rapid changes in their behaviors mean.

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