Of all of the 665 pages in the psychology textbook, there is one page that stood out to me as something that everyone should remember for the rest of their lives. That one page is about what actually makes us happy. Among these things are marriage, friendships, college, religion, political affiliation, exercise, gratitude, giving and flow (not the sick hair, but that could create happiness too :P). People who are in relationships with solid group of friends, are in or have graduated from college, believe in some higher power, are politically involved, exercise regularly, are grateful for things, are generous and have found a rhythm in life are happier, at least according to our textbook. In this list there is no mention of annual income or career success or material possessions. I believe that we get so caught up in the pursuit of material possessions that we forget the pursuit of happiness, one of the unalienable rights that the American Founding Fathers declared. To answer the question, I believe 5 years from now (and beyond for that matter) although it's not exactly a concrete psych concept, I will remember these things and hopefully I'll be working on improving each one. cute.jpg


This is a very interesting topic that seems to fall under the bus sometimes. While most people wouldn't fill it out on a survey I would assume that people choose a career path because of how much money they will make, if they are good at it, or what others will think of them. Often when they get these high paying jobs they are over-stressed and unhappy, while someone else who didn't look at the money could be loving every day of work. I completely agree that our society gets caught up in material possessions and it would do a lot of good if people stepped back and did something that made them happy.

I enjoyed this post because I agree to the importance of remembering what truly makes us happy. I thought it was interesting that money does not make us happy but I agree after thinking about it more. Money makes us greedy and therefore we will always be trying to gain more money. Then again money is needed to have the things listed above that make us happy. Good post.

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