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As silly as it is one thing that has stuck in my mind and I know I will remember is what people find attractive in one another. I will now acknowledge that those that are close to me, will either find me attractive or I will find them attractive. Opposites do not attract. Finally reciprocity, that I will find someone more attractive if I know they like me. The reason I will remember this is because when I am dating, I will know why I am attracted to someone and if they are legitimate reasons. I will also remember what males and females look for in each other. I will know that I look for men that are a bit older, and have a good career attractive. I understand this now because I want someone who is able to take care of me. This is all very beneficial in the dating seen and finding the right person for me!


I completely agree with you in that I, too, will remember this topic for years to come. It is really interesting to see what people find attractive about each other. Even now I can see why some of the people close to me are attracted to their partners, often because they are both similar to each other in many ways. Some people may fit these characteristics perfectly, while others seem to go against psychologists' beliefs. Either way, I can understand some relationships a little bit better due to the information we learned in psychology this semester.

I think it is absolutely wise to remember that. Because it is said marriage decides 90% happiness in your life. And if you think of it further, you can also teach your kids how to choose their husband or wife, which would finally give you bunches of smart grandchildren. What a good deal, huh!

This is something I'll definitely remember five years from now too! Whether I simply notice how I follow the norms or notice how they might be affecting my judgement I'll definitely think about what I learned. Who knows, thinking about how reciprocity can affect how people view each other might just help some of us get the guy (or girl!).

It really does work what psychology taught us. Especially what girls are attracted to. The person above mentioned she finds attractive a male that satisfies one of her basic needs: security.

This is how guys exploit this: they go to the gym and get some muscles (shows protection at the basic level - STRENGTH), rent a very nice car (signals money, wealth), dress nice (another sign of money), tell a lie about your carrier - "I work in Goldman Sachs." (all previous signs are approved/confirmed) the girl likes that guy, and they end up in bed. Very simple! :)
Very few girls question themselves what is happening at the moment.

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