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Honestly, there are a lot of interesting things going on in our textbook and lecture. One of the concepts that influence my attitude towards people is the Fundamental Attribution Error in the chapter of Social Psychology.
In the book, it is said that Japanese and Chinese people are more likely than those in Western cultures to view behaviors within a context. I agree with that. If you give me a picture, I would first be attracted by the subject in the picture, but soon begin to look at the surroundings more carefully and slowly. But in my life, I still made a lot of biased interpretations of others' behavior. Learning the concept of Fundamental Attribution Error helps me be more aware of actor- observer affects and make less internal attribution.
For example, in my writing class there is an introverted guy who usually becomes nervous when our teacher wants us to talk about our idea for the next paper in class. Once he became more nervous and spoke less fluently than usual. Before I had learned the Fundamental Attribution Error, I would think he might have had some bad experience of making mistakes when talking in front of lots of people, which caused him to be so concerned once he was in the same situation again. But bigger part of my explanation would be he did not have a very good psychological diathesis. However, now I can see more external attributions, which lead to this result. Like he is the last one to talk, which could also increase his stress and he might be not as ready as before. And then I found if I was in this sort of situation, I would probably do the same thing too.
Realizing human being's Actor- observer bias allows me to hold on a little bit before I make my "judgments" of people and it also somehow makes me more peaceful.

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