I'll Let You Pick my Brain!

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I enjoyed learning about the brain (perhaps I'm part zombie). My big take away was perception and how it's different than reality. In our discussion sections we watched some fun youtube videos and marveled at how people didn't realize that the person they had been talking to was swapped out for an entirely different person. I like to think I'm an observant person, but after learning about that over confidence bias, I'll admit that I probably would have fallen victim to the same ploy.

There is so much that we have yet to discover about the brain, who knows where research will lead us in 5 years. Already we've made leaps and bounds -realizing that the brain is essential for life (yay Greeks!), moving away from phrenology, accepting that the brain is the most complicated structure on the planet, no longer performing lobotomies. Excellent progress indeed.

Perhaps, dare I hope, that in five years we will have better treatments for Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, headed towards a cure. Maybe we will know why some axons' myelin degenerates, causing MS. The field is ripe with questions and I can't wait to learn what the answers are.

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