I'll remember the Big Five Model

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I go back the textbook and think about what we learned during this semester, I find out the really interesting concept and useful things is not memory, is not intelligence, not emotion, but personality! Honestly, I think personality of individual is hard to define, because different people have different genes and grow up in different environment. As the textbook said, this model, the big five, consists of five traits that have surfaced repeatedly in factor analyses of personality measure. I believe that I can remember this concept five years from now on. The five dimensions are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience. Before the class, our prof ask us to do a survey from UCB, I get "18" in extraversion, "24" in agreeableness, "22" in conscientiousness, "25" in neuroticism and "27" in openness to experience. Let analysis what's the meaning of these statistic. Score high in extraversion means he/she is sociable, talkative, assertive, friendly. Primary correlates are that behaviors associated with positive emotionality and seeking new and exciting experiences. Score high in agreeableness means that this person is sympathetic, kind, trusting, and cooperative. Behaviors associated with constraint and longer life-spans. Conscientious people are organized, disciplined, dependable, diligent. If you are relaxed, poised, steady maybe get low score in Neuroticism this category, because it is associated with negative emotionality and overreaction to stress. Score high in openness to experience, the person is more imaginative, curious, creative, unconventional than others. In this discussion section that week, our TA assign us different table based on our score of the survey. Our assignment is to make a travel plan. As a result, each group's plan are very different, I remember the people sit in the middle of the classroom really make a detailed plan. The Big Five Model of Personality really makes sense.

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