Implicit Association Test

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I took the Implicit Association Test. Researchers at Harvard, the University of Virginia, and the University of Washington developed this test. Its intentions are to measure a person's unconscious associations between two different subjects for example, my test dealt with my feelings of white and black people and my feelings about the two and about presidential candidates and my preference. While this test was measuring feelings on the 2012 presidential election, since the current election deals with many racial issues, many others deal with different topics. It tests you by association of positive and negative words and black people, white people, Barack Obama, and a republican candidate (Rick Santorum in my case). You are instructed to press a certain key for positive words and the faces of black people and another for the faces of white people and negative words and vice versa. The same is done with presidential candidates. It is thought by researchers that by doing this quickly you unconscious press the key for bad things for what you do not like and the same for positive. The test preferences range from little to no preference, slight, moderate, and strong. After my test I got the results of having a moderate preference for black people in comparison to white people and having a strong preference for Rick Santorum in comparison to Barack Obama. I found these results odd since I am white and never had a preference between white or black people, but I did agree with the presidential candidate results since I am a conservative republican. I argue that some of the results may be flawed in the tendency to press different buttons be due just to accident rather than actual unconscious preference.


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I feel like this test may be biased; it's sort of like the tests when psychologists shouldn't know their controlled group or even the details of their groups. Who's administering these tests? Are they black or white or different race altogether? Perhaps the images shown were biased, like a black/white person in jail or showing an ugly face. I don't really see how this can be related to our presidential candidates either just because they're two different groups altogether than race. For example, someone can be racist against african americans but be very democratic, however, refuse to vote for Obama. These things I feel weren't put into consideration for your test.

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