Important Reflection of Popular Psychology: From Abnormal Psychology



Throughout the semester, as the textbook noted at the beginning, lot of expectations I had in my mind totally broke down. Many of concepts were familiar but their meanings and insightful analysis were very fresh and unexpectedly developed. "Abnormal psychology" is the one concept that strongly remained throughout the course. I was strongly captured in the popular psychological ideas and biases on this concept. In fact, there were many concepts that I already learned from outside which were mostly derived from the popular psychology which was inaccurate and not very scientific.
"Although common sense can be enormously useful for some purposes, it's sometimes completely wrong" (Chabris & Simons, 2010). As they said, my psychological knowledge were mostly biased and too simply determined due to common sense. For example, abnormality connects with disorders and not being natural under my cognition. However, everyone is abnormal according to psychology. It seems negative and involves bad circumstances, but the term itself isn't harmful. We are all individual characters. It is true we share certain characteristics that may build culture and society, but not everyone shares something. For example, in the last week lab section, I had activity to define certain groups of people or a person from the slides based on 4D (Deviant, Distress, Dysfunction, and Danger) All the described people were abnormal, there were group talking through tongue. They are abnormal, but do they really bad? I can't answer it because it is just different from others due to their religion, we cannot judge them to be bad or wrong. As I realized, abnormality itself isn't bad thing to say.
It was really practical practice for me to learn and remember how scientific approach is essential in psychology.


I think it is very important to keep balance between our common sense and actual fact and knowledge. Prior to learning psychology, I would have had a little negative thoughts toward abnormality and deviance. However, as you said everyone is somewhat abnormal according to psychology. When we think about is, we are all individuals with different traits and everyone cannot share something in common. The activiy to define different groups of people with 4D in the discussion section, showed how people can be abnormal, but none of them were bad or seemed to exert bad influence. Abnormality is not bad, it is just different.

Its interesting, how the situation with women is just the opposite. Men tend to care about their appearance way less than the ladies do. While a plump man sees a male photomodel in the mirror, a skinny girl sees a fat lady in the reflection... Michael

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