Is intelligence a fixed entity or a creation?

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Everyone probably once dreamed of becoming a genius with incredibly high IQs. I definitely have. Such thought comes to me especially straight after coming out of an exam room. Then what determines the level of one's IQ? There has been a continual controversial debate on whether one's IQ is more genetically inherited or environmentally influenced.

Family studies conclusively show that IQs are genetically influenced. Intellectually brilliant individuals had many first-degree relatives and children who were also brilliant, but fewer second-degree relatives and still fewer third-degree relatives who were brilliant. Further studies with identical and fraternal twins also show that IQ is influenced by genetic factors because there is higher identical that fraternal twin correlations.

On the other hand, there is also numerous evidence that support environmental factors as the main influencers of IQ. There is a mysterious phenomenon named 'Flynn effect.' This phenomenon describes the decrease in the average IQ of the population at a rising rate about three points per decade. Such finding and its causes particularly stirred my interest and I was surprised how such environmental surroundings could affect one's intelligence. Some of the influences include increased test sophistication, increased complexity of the modern world, better nutrition and changes at home and school. For these reasons, the IQ level of grandchildren's generation is generally higher than the grandparents' generation.

After reading textbook pages on genetic and environmental influences on IQ, a thought came to my mind. Because IQ is not a fixed entity and does not solely depend on genetic factors, I will strive to enhance my intelligence rather than to just sit back and do nothing. Also, I will definitely try hard to provide the best environment surroundings to my children for their intelligence improvements.

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That's an excellent idea! What are you going to do to enhance your intelligence? Continually working your brain and striving for improvement can have long term effects too like staving off Alzheimer's disease and age related dementia. You can train your brain to solve problems more quickly so that it can spend more time on other problems. I do think that there's a limit to how much you can increase your intelligence, given that you can't spend all your time training your brain to learn new things, but it's a completely worthwhile endeavor to make your brain more active so that you in turn become smarter. Good luck!

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