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So, I've decided to do the usual, generic post simply because I found the happiness section of Chapter 11 particularly interesting in the misconceptions and what makes us happy. I'm not one hundred percent sure why these two areas of the chapter caught my attention, but I'm thinking there were a few things that seemed humorous or a little weird. For instance, misconception number four on page 425 stated that it's a common misconception that people are happier on the West
Coast, and I've never once heard this before. Has anyone? I understand the explanation given in the book for why one might think West-Coaster's might be happier, such as the weather or the celebrities (who would probably make me irritated to be honest), but I guess it was just weird to me because a misconception is generally something the a large populations believes to be true, so if there's anyone else who hasn't heard of this, or even if you have, post in the comments and tell me so I know where I stand in the scheme of things.

Aside from that, I found the part on how marriage makes an individual happier over time funny if only because it contradicts so much of what pop media shows and characters say, like Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, or Stiffle from American Pie. I guess it's more of an availability heuristic; the opinions of marriage that come to mind are the funny or intense ones we hear while people complain about it, not the subtle or less-oft spoken praises of being married. Otherwise, this is exactly what I found to be interesting in Chapter 11, if only to get a few chuckles and some mild confusion from the psych text.

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I like what you said about the contradiction between actual studies and popular ideas about marriage and how it affects happiness. There's such negative connotations with marriage and being tied down, and many sitcoms and movies (as you said) have entire plots built around the fact that men don't want to commit to marriage or that all the fun leaves their lives when they do so. However, all of the scientific research shows that people who are married usually live longer and are happier than those that are not. I think this is an amazing example of how we can be swayed by media.

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