My dear sister

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I formerly believed that all the unfortunate events such were never going to happen in my life. I believed that those were just what I hear about in the news or from other people until it struck our family.

It was the year 2008 when I heard from my mom through a phone call that my older sister is in the hospital. I was studying overseas at that time so I was very worried that it might be a serious problem. But my mom wouldn't tell me straight forward and just told me that I will see when I come back home. When I went home, I found out that my sister was diagnosed as schizophrenia and that she had to stay in the psychiatric hospital for a while until the situation got better. Our family was shattered and I soon found out that they went through a lot of hardship with my sister while I was away.

The reason for the breakout of my sister's illness was a mixture of a lot of factors that had built up since she was little. Amongst those were factors like the stress she gained from the expectations of a first-born child in the family as she studied abroad from a very young age. And also the anxiety and inferiority complex she had gained from the relationship with me that she never expressed. I had never expected this to happen as she was the most kind and generous sister in the world and she always conceded everything to me first and let me do things first.

At first, I was devastated just like other family members, but through numerous psychiatric therapies like family therapies and counseling, in addition with medication, we overcame the crisis and managed to get my sister back on her feet again. I really love my sister no matter what. Always did and always will.

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I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but reading the last paragraph you really hit the nail on the head. Psychological diseases can truly change how a person behaves, and it is important to have an unconditional love for those that are close. Its also great to hear the positive progress that she has made. Going over this topic in lecture, it seems that treatments both medically and therapeutically are showing significant improvements in millions of those who are suffering with schizophrenia

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