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Taking a psychology course has had an immediate impact on my life. The one concept I will most likely take away from this semester is the Nature vs. Nurture debates. This concept applies to so many things, which makes it both easy and important to remember. You can use the nature vs. nurture debate to find the best way to children. You can also form your own opinions and who's to blame for a killer becoming the way they are, whether it is their genes or their environment.
The concept is easily applied to many aspects of life and can being easily applied to many other subjects being debated today. Therefore I find it important to remember it so I will be able to form my own opinions on such debates and be better informed about them. Fate or free will? Genetics or environments? Nature or nurture? Having knowledge of psychology has allowed and will continue to allow me to answer such questions.

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I also thought the Nature vs. Nurture debate over the course of the semester to be very intriguing. We learned many times how some things can be directly due to nature, while others are directly due to nurture. However, most of the topics discussed in Psy 1001 this year explained that nature and nurture BOTH play an improtant role in the outcome. For example, there are genetic influences on intelligence, and also many environmental influences on intelligence as well. According to the textbook (From Inquiry to Understanding), many "twin studies" have show nthat genetics have a high correlation with IQ. The book estimates that the heritability of IQ lies somewhere between 40 and 70 percent. In contrast, adoption studies have been done to prove the effects of the environment (nurture) on intelligence. Studies have showed that children who come from deprived environments have an increase in IQ when nurtured in an enriched environement. The textbook mentions a study of French children who were raised in a deprived envrionment and the kids who were removed from this environment showed a 16 point increase in IQ on average!
Overall, I think the nature/nurture debate will always be something that psychologists will ponder about forever, and assess the influences of each on different aspects of pyschology.
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Sources: Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (Lilienfield, Lynn, Namy, Woolf)

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