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The most interesting concept that I will forever remember is that of Sigmund Freud. In particular his theories on the Id, Superego, and Ego. Two years ago I first read his theories and it struck me how powerful our unconscious is. That we make decision based on primal motives. It strikes me that we can have an uncurious so powerful and not beware of it at all. Although I find this interesting along with the rest of most modern psychologist I believe that he was not able to falsify most of his claims. A pioneer in the world of psychology I will forever know the man Sigmund Freud, but it will forever be tainted with the knowledge he may have been a little crazy and had some mommy issues.


Personally, I respect Freud a lot. I admit most of his theories have to do with sexuality and aggression and even destroy the early purity of kids. But one thing cannot be omitted is he is the first person who proposed the important role that unconscious play in psychological activity. I think that is a huge progress no matter in the psychology field or the whole science field.

I was also struck by how powerful the unconscious is and that we don't even think about a lot of the things we do. We really have so much happening that we don't even realize we are doing. But you are also right about how he wasn't able to falsify a lot of claims that he made and that makes it a little sketchy about everything that he pioneered.

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