Opposites don't attract after all


In discussion last week we discussed the science of attraction. It was very interesting to see the science of what I have witnessed throughout my experiences. The experiment we did showed that people rated certain attractiveness would pair off with someone of equal or similar attraction level. I have noticed this trend in real life especially middle school and high school. Pretty much every couple you see is of equal attractiveness. It is almost an unwritten rule that if you want to date someone they have to be as attractive as you are. The only way you can find out how attractive you are is by the popular opinion. Not everyone has people come up to him or her and tell him or her how attractive they are. I believe that leagues do exist in our world. For the most part, in a natural, almost shallow, way of thinking, you want to date someone who is attractive as you. I find it very interesting and yet quite obvious that males put more emphasis on how physically attractive a woman is and women put more emphasis on who the person is and how successful they are. Both genders value symmetry and similarity in their mate. The old saying that opposites attract is false. Although these are very general observations and there are certainly more variables that go in to the process. I find that these are all natural occurrences and hopefully that it is not the only way people are attracted to each other. After all, there is more than just looks.


In many ways I agree in that the whole 'opposites attract' idea is false. In my sociology class last semester we constantly talked about how the saying 'birds of a feather flock together' is much more fitting for society today. The idea of homophily, meaning 'love of the same', is the tendency of people to associate and bond with similar others. This goes along with what we talked about in discussion. People who hang out together usually have similar interests, therefore making it easier for people to form a close relationship. For example, those who are well educated may often be in an environment where others tend to be well educated, so in actuality it would be hard to meet someone with different interests. Our environments often set us up to meet people who are very like ourselves. Either way, happiness can be found with people who are similar and people who are different from oneself... and in the end that is all that matters.

Although I believe that we end up being in a relationship with those that are within similar attractiveness range as ourselves, I still think that opposites do attract. We feel more comfortable with people with similar interests and standards as us, but it is true that we become fascinated in people that have different or even opposite aspects of us. I also find it very intersting that males put more emphasis in the looks and females put emphasis on who the person is and how successful they are. I as a female myself, do feel that a person's inner qualities and potential is more important than looks when getting into a relationship.

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